Hey guys..
I'm back, I'm in Egypt now. the weather is super cool here. And I'm still working out, the problem that is that I'm traveling to a place here called Marina, people go there in summer to spend their vacation by the beach. There is absolutly no gyms over there, so I'm taking my stuff (dumbles+bar+dips & chin ups bars) with me.
& so, as u all know I have a problem with my back, it's somewhat curved towards the chest + my spine is bent a little bit forward, that what doctors call "Kyphosis." I need a simple rountine that focuses on the the back very much & the chest & shoulders too. I don't really care about legs, I can resume the whole routine when come back after 2 months. I can follow using my dumbles & perhaps a bar also, I also have a chin up bar & other bars for dips.
I'll really appreciate the help.
thnx alot