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Thread: New PR's, w00t

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    New PR's, w00t

    Well, that was a very constructive third week of WBB#1. I hit the magic 100kilogram/220lb squat (3*8) and managed 17 full bodyweight dips. I also got to try a lifting belt for my deadlifts and it really kept my back straight. Very cool day, hurray!!!

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    Congratulations league on the pr. Now brace yourself for the belt comments!
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    congrats on the PR!

    yep...I am a fan of no belt, there are plenty of threads here on "the belt"
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    lol, i am braced for the comments, was weird cause i felt ok without the belt, but i feel it makes my parents happier (safety first kids), but the main 'pain' is in the middle of my back cause i got a spot in a bloody annoying takes the mind away from the weight i suppose.

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    well done League, keep up the good work.
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