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Thread: some questions about westside

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    some questions about westside

    After reading Adam's article on westside here on wbb, im considering using a westside program. I am a relatively new to powerlifting. I've only been working out for about 8-9 months now, and only started 5 months ago deadlifting and squating. My first priority is to add strength and raw power to all my main lifts, but I also looking to add lean body mass (gonna start bulking within a few months). the q's...

    1) I am currently on a cut and living on about a 100 to 300 calorie deficit everyday, and have a very physically demanding job. How will this affect my training on westside?

    2) How long will I see results/gains in weight on my max effort days?

    3) I understand that westside is purely a powerlifting routine, but will it also help in terms of hypertrophy (sp?)?

    thats it for now, thx yall
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    I really don't think Westside is what you're looking for.
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    hmm, you can use westside stuff but you wll have to make some chages,

    first off screw the diet, your job is demanding and westside is alot more demanding you will need something to fuel you.

    once you get your body used to lifting on the max effort days you should see gains in about 2 to 3 weeks after your body gets adjusted to lifting the heavy weights.

    it can and will help you alot with hypertrophy if you know how to apply it. you will get lots of hypertophy from your supplemental exercises. when you do your max effort this will help you get alot stronger on your supplement exercise to lift more and heavier weight

    example. say your doing a max effort squat day

    and you choose good mornings for your max effort exercise

    you workup to a max

    then choose 4 or 5 supplemental exercises, squats lunges, leg press, SLDL and leg curls/glute ham raises

    and you arrange them like this

    good mornings: ME
    Squats: 3 x4 to 6reps
    SLDL: 3 x6 to 8reps
    leg press: 3 x10
    leg curls 3x8
    lunges: 3x8to10 per leg

    ive used a routine like this for a while it is very demanding and gets you veyr strong and if you eat and supplemet right it gets you really big too. so you really just have to know how to apply westside for your training to really use it properly for the natural drug free lifter
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