Some chiropractors are loons.

So are some MDs.

A goo dchiropractor uses a number of things to make diagnosis, including visual cues, BP, x ray, blood work, etc. The same stuff an MD uses.

A good chiropractor knows their limitiations. So does a good MD.

A good chiropractor understand he can't fix everything, and refers patients to appropriate MDs for second opinions and consultations.

So would a good MD.

I went to an Md first (a number o ftimes) for treatment o fmy back pain. I was given painkillers and muscle relaxers, and told to rest it, and the pain woul dgo away.

It would, in a couple of weeks.

It would return.

When I went to a chiro, he also suggested painkillers. He then took xrays and found what was wrong. He prescribed orthodics and a number of adjustments. As time went on, my reliance on adjustments diminished, and i now go once every 6 weeks because it makes me feel good. He also worked dilligently with me on stretching and rehab... something the MD ignored.

A chiropractor was the first person to legitimize what has been diagnosed as fibromialgia in my wife, and he's taken an active role in trying to treat it, while two MDs suggest she increase the dosage of a drug and take more allieve. This is after one MD laughed at her and told her it was in her head, and that she needed an anti-depressant.

One can make any umber of judgements based on their experience... I suggest that be tempered with just a touch of research. I also think some of the language and tone being used in this thread inappropriate for someone attempting a civil and logical discussion.