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However, one of the first signs of a psuedo-science is a refusal to particpate in mainstream scientific structures and particularly the creation of their own scientific community.
THis is not the case. DCs are working with MDs, biologists, physiologists and others, collaboratively, to investigate the effects and synergies of various forms of chiropractic.

Dr. Donald Epstein, for instance, is working with the renowned Dr. Candace Pert, PhD, to investigate (among other things) the relationship between spinal tension, the release of said spinal tension through chiropractic, and the effect that these activities and states have on neuropeptides. This is a single example but there are literally hundreds more examples of completed and ongoing studies.

Clearly some people are engaging in pseudoscience under the label of chiropractic... I agree with you there. But to tar and feather the entire profession with the same brush is a gross and unfair generalization.