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Thread: PB salmon sandwich, try it!

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    PB salmon sandwich, try it!

    This probably sounds terrible, but try it!

    2 slices WW bread, toasted (I use Pep. Farm German dark wheat)
    1 tablespoon nat PB (I use Crazy Richard's)
    0.5 cup salmon, canned (Bumblebee light pink brand)
    2-3 slices raw tomato (I eat the rest of it on the side)

    Toast the bread. Spread the PB on the bread (1 tbsp is thin for 2 slices toast.) I measure, and then spread out the salmon with a fork and a measuring cup on 1 slice of toast on top of the PB. Top the salmon with the tomato slices. Complete the sandwich with the other slice of WW toast (with PB).

    Stats with my brands:
    P 36 +tomato
    C 33 +tomato (fiber 7g +tomato)
    F 20
    Cals 440 (not counting tomato, around 475 depends on size of tomato)
    Not low fat, but hitting the EFA's in one shot! Tastier than it sounds. Try it. lemme know what U think!

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    that sounds terrible...i might try it tomorrow
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    god, just reading has me puking.....but its sounds intriguing...i can always chalk it up to immaturity if i hurl...

    10 for origionality
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    i was thinking of doing this oneday while eatting a Pb sandwich and eatting tunna from a can....
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    OMG that may be the nastyest sounding thing ever!!!!!!!!!
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    I'd try it if someone made it for me.

    My most recent sandwitch creation has been...

    tuna + honey + bread + formen grill = pretty damn good and no clean up.
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