At the time of writing this, I am a very thin guy who is desperately trying to gain weight, so far I've made a little progress... around 2 pounds over a few weeks. I am currently around 5'9 132lbps (super light weight, i know) anyways... I've read it on the board here many times that you should keep track of your caloric intake, and then use it to continually increase it to a level where you are gaining. Is there a chart somewhere that I can look up to assist me in keeping track? Like what foods contain how many cals? etc.

And one more question, when beginning a "bulking" phase is it beneficial to maintain a consistent training schedule? Because I don't have a access to a gym for another month and a half or so. But as soon as I do, I plan on starting a log of my progress to keep me going, as I'm very determined to see some gains this time around.

Any and all help/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! :]