Hello to all. I am a fairly new to the iron game and recently found this board, and am looking forward to educating myself a great deal on the subject. With that being said, I have had great difficulty gaining mass in last few months, and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions that are provided to me in an attempt to help me reach my goals. Thanks in advance.

Here is my current diet

M1-1/2 cup oatmeal|2 Scoops NitroTech|1 tbsp flax
M2-4 scoops Nlarge
M3-Turkey or chicken breast|wheat pasta/veggie|flax
M4-2 Scoops NitroTech|applesauce
M5-4 scoops Nlarge
M6-Lean pork, chicken, etc..|pasta|salad
M7-2 Scoops NitroTech|1 tbsp flax|apple

I have been following this schedule for the better part of about two months and have seen almost no gain, muscle that is. Are my macro nutrients out of balance? I think that my carb intake is too high, however since I'm the infamous hardgainer bodytype I thought better to overcompensate than under. The protein supp alone supplies me with 120 grams. Please advise.