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Thread: My exact workout

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    My exact workout

    My Exact workout

    Day 1 - Shoulder workout

    Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise - 2 sets - 25 reps - 5kg dumbells

    Front dumbell raise - 1 set - 100 reps - 7.5 kg dumbells

    Over head barbell press - 8 sets - 6 reps - 22.5 kg

    Cuban press - 8 sets - 6 reps - 15kg dumbells

    Standing Dumbell rear delt raise - 8 sets - 6 reps - 7.5 kg dumbells

    Day 2 - Bicep workout

    Alternate Hammer Curl - 4 sets - 30 reps (15 each arm) - 10 kg dumbells

    Barbell curl - 8 sets - 6 reps - 32.5 kg

    Twisting dumbell curl - 8 sets - 12 reps (6 each arm) - 15 kg dumbells

    Day 3 - Chest, Tri-cep and leg workout


    Cable cross overs - 4 sets - 10 reps - 30 kg each side

    Seated chest press - 4 sets - 10 reps - 95 kg

    Front pull down to chest - 4 sets - 10 reps - 65 kg


    Tri-cep pulldowns -4 sets - 10 reps - 25kg

    Tri- cep pushdowns -4 sets - 10 reps - 45kg


    Seated calf push down -4 sets - 25 reps - 82.5 kg

    Seated leg press -3 sets - 20 reps - 142.5kg

    Day 3 is the day I go the gym hence the 3 body parts at once since I don't really like going the gym since I push myself harder at home and it's a pain getting to the gym. It is almost impossible to get on the bench press in the gym since it is always being used I will use it if I get a chance to get on it. I could get a bench at home but haven't got the money just yet and I haven't really got enough weights to make bench press itself effective. I have about 40kg in free weights.

    The weights on the machines are much easier than free weights hence the big difference in the weight I use.

    Any suggestions and improvements?

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    What are your goals? Although whatever they are I can't imagine any conceivable reason why you would need to do almost 30 sets for shoulders and 20 sets for biceps...

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    I suppose my goal is to get ripped. I don't want to be like a professional bodybuilder I want to probably stay the same size as I am already quite big but to be all muscle. Basically replace the remaining fat I have with muscle without getting too much bigger.

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    Although on the reps I can't always reach the rep goal I set during the later sets although I can exceed them by a rep or 2 during the earlier sets.

    I also rest between a 1min-1min 30 secs between each set. This may become a bit longer when I change excerise since I have to change the weights.

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    You are doing way too many sets & exercises, also that thing behind you called a back might need some training too. Try to keep it to 2-3 excercises per bodypart and no more than 9 sets (tris & bis 5-6 sets max). lowering the number of sets and exercises will focus you more on what you are doing, because you have fewer sets to get it right so you will pressurize yourself to perform better on those sets. Read some of the routines that are available on this website, pick some basic exercises and remember to keep it simple.

    Best of Luck
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    100 reps for any exercise is too many reps. if you are trying to lose fat, work on your diet, that is the best way. Do squats for your legs. incorporate pull ups and bent over rows in your back workout and then do biceps after that. i dont think you need to dedicate a whole day to shoulders.

    1. Chest-Tricep

    2. Back-Bicep-forearms

    3. Legs - Shoulders-abs

    If you don't have the equipment, get it, or just try harder to get to the bench. Maybe work on finding a Gym with ample, available equipment.


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