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Thread: 3 months off training, HST or 5x5 for size?

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    3 months off training, HST or 5x5 for size?

    I'm 5'-8" and 140 lbs. When I've worked out before, it seems that I only gained a little weight and mostly gained strength instead. I think it's because I've been undereating.

    Well it's been 3 months since I've worked out, what do you guys recommend for size, HST or the 5x5 routine? I don't care about strength right now, I can always get stronger later

    Age: 22 Height: 5'-8" Weight: 175 (6-10-07)
    BF: 13.2% (6-10-07 w/ calipers)

    Bench: 300x1 (9-22-06)
    Squat: 285x4
    Deadlift: 225x10

    Long-term Goals
    Weight: 180 BF: 8% Bench: 315x1

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    For size I would recommend lots of food.

    Typically I've seen the 5.5 routine being used primarily for strength. Since you are not concerned with strength, I would go with a HST program.

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    It's normal for a begginer to gain more strenght than size in the first few months. In the beggining of your training days your nervous system only knows how to contract those few muscle fibers it uses in everyday life and it takes him some time to improve it's recruitment patterns, untill it does this the hypertrophy stimulus will only be delivered to a small number of fibers and thus not much growth will be seen in the beggining.

    About HST, I am of the opinion that these future neural adaptations render a full planned HST cycle senseless. The problem is that if you find your RM's now by the time you get to used them they'll probably be outdated because of all the strenght gains you should make. So, unless you feel you already went trough this fase and gained enough strenght I think it would be better just to start at around 15-12 reps, add weight to the bar frequently, train full body 3X week or at least a split routine that hits everything twice a week and after you maxed out at around 5 reps use that load for a few weeks and then take 9-12 days off. Keep a log of all loads used and use this data to set up a HST cycle after your time off.

    Oh, and eat enough for muscle gains to happen.


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