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One set per muscle group only??

How long is your w/o?

What are your stats?

I dont see any cardio routine ...
Dude, did you not read that I'm training 6 days a week? I'd overtrain in no time if I did 2 sets per exercises, 6 days a week.
The total volume per bodypart over the whole week adds up to be similar, or just a bit more, than that of a traditional split routine.

My stats....why do they matter? I'm not what I'd consider big yet, but here they are anyhow:

19 years old
77kg (170lbs)
bf%: don't know, mid teens i'm guessing
training for nearly 3 years

About cardio, who said I have to do cardio? As if I'm really going to do cardio when I'm training 6x a week. This would probably overtrain my legs, plus I really don't feel like doing cardio while I'm bulking. I'll start cardio when I cut up.