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Thread: leg day

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    leg day

    I just worked on my legs properly for the 1st time in ages and it nearly killed me which brings me to the conclusion it would be a good idea to put them on thier own day.

    In fact on they have an amuater bodybuilder of the week award every week and it seems like most of them work each bodypart on seperate days once a week.

    I can aso see that after doing deadlifts and squats on the same say why u say do them on seperate days deadlifts can go on my back day.

    it seems to me that overhead barbell presses seems to affect my back more than my shoulders does anyone think this? Or is that the back of my shoulders?
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    Legs should alwasy have there own day, prefreably in the begining of the week, like sunday or monday.

    2 reasons..

    1. its the begining of the week and you will have lots of energy to complete the workout.

    2. also on monday everyone will be centered around the bench press so the curl jockeys will be off the squat rack, most likely you will be the only one doing squats that day. i dont think i have ever wait for the rack because someone is doing squats, numerous times for people doing curls, which burns me up..

    ah and over head presses will work your entire soulder so you probably do feel the back of your shoulders working also
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    I actually so squats in my home as I can really struggle at home and push myself. Plus in my gym the same equipment used for the benchpress is used for the squats too.

    I really need a workout partner for the gym but most of my m8s are uninterested or haven't got the time. The only thing that I wouldn't like in the gym is when i'm struggling with a weight which other people can do easily at home I don't have this problem.


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