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Thread: Abduct Your Abductor Machine (ryan1117 year 2)

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    Abduct Your Abductor Machine (ryan1117 year 2)

    Did you think I had forgotten about this machine? It will be back in full force once I go back to school. The only reason it isn't as busy during the summer is because the people that are there are the people that want to be there. It's time for year 2 of my journal since I joined this site exactly a year ago. I figured I would break the first one off after one year. I decided to pick a less-generic name for my journal this year. Just imagine what weight rooms….err I mean fitness centers will look like 20 years from now. There probably will be an inner/outer thigh toning area with some Kylie Minogue music playing. Even the name "fitness center" will probably be something like "toning center". Oh well. The future sucks! At least mine won't.

    The summary for the last year was that I really improved on my strength, but did nothing from a bodybuilding perspective. I was more interested in increasing my strength anyway, so I'm very happy with the last year.

    Here are some statements I made roughly one year back in my first journal.
    Originally posted by ryan1117
    My goal is pretty simple, since I lift more so for tone than to get "big", I just would like to keep gaining mass while keeping my bodyfat in the 6-9% range.

    I said the dirty word there……..BUT I did prove that I didn't use the word "tone" in the same way that most cardio queens do.
    Originally posted by ryan1117
    I won't even bother to post my old routines b/c everyone on this board will absolutely rip them to shreds (lots of overtraining, no lower body exercises)

    My routine is why my strength went up over the last year. There's no doubt about it.
    Originally posted by ryan1117
    Currently I'm 5-9 165 with ~7-8% BF.

    I'm right around the same thing right now. My 165 from then was including clothes and shoes. I'm now weighing around that without clothes or shoes and coming in at about 169 with clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, I'd say my bodyfat is ~8, so the extra weight doesn't seem to be from lean body mass.
    Originally posted by ryan1117
    Deadlifts are new to me so I wouldn't be surprised if I improve on them rapidly at first once I get the technique down

    That was the understatement of the year.
    Originally posted by ryan1117
    Here are approximately my max lifts.
    Bench ~ 250 lbs
    Squat ~ 300 lbs
    Deadlift ~ 330 lbs

    My Current Estimates/ (improvement from last year)
    Bench ~280 (+30)
    Squat ~360 (+60 and with a greater depth)
    Deadlift ~505(+175 )
    Originally posted by ryan1117
    That (my big three total) would put me somewhere around 880 combined. I'd like to get that number up to 1,000 in the next year, but 950 is probably a more realistic number to aim for.

    How about over 1,100?

    That was pretty much the Cliff's Notes for my old journal. I still have two weeks left before I make some minor modifications to my routine. A few machines at school are different that require a few different exercises. Look for the hot chick report to pick up once again due to a higher supply. (in case you were wondering why it was smaller during the summer). Unfortunately, the gym mystery section will also grow. I'll start prepping for maxes in certain lifts in the next two weeks while my other lifts will stay the same. My bench and squats will be lower reps the next two weeks in order for me to better estimate what I should try for on a max.

    Current Goals (for December; at a max bodyweight of 170)
    Squats 405
    Bench Press 300
    Deadlifts 545

    Current Goals (next year; at a max of 175 pounds bodyweight)
    Squats: 450
    Bench Press: 315
    Deadlifts: 585
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