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Thread: To step or not to step

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    To step or not to step

    Yeah, I know stair steppers have went out of style. However, today I hopped on one and 20 minutes later (1380 steps), I was hurting! Massive sweat, legs pumped, heart exploding . The machine said I burned 450 cals, any truth to that? I usually run three miles, but I opted for a change, when I run I am never this tired. Is it possible that once you perfect a running form that it becomes easier? Also when I run on the TM it says I burned 300 cals in 30 min. Is stepping better?
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    Just like lifting your body can adapt to cardiovascular excercise as well. It's always a good idea to do different types. I usually do splits with the elyptical's, bikes and running myself.


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