First, what is the benefit of concentric only training? Ive read that its good for recovery, but how/why? Mostly, I see sled dragging and medicine ball throws as recommended excercises for this, but would it also be possible to do something like... lift a weight with one limb, and then lower it with two (the opposite of what I see recommended for eccentric only training).

Next, how would I go about adding eccentric and concentric only excercises into my workout routine? Should I add something like... 1 or 2 eccentric only movements per day? Or would it be better to do.. one week of eccentrics? I honestly have no idea, input would be greatly appreciated. Same for concentric only, would it be best done on my off day? Or just added movements to my normal routine. I couldnt imagine doing a week of concentric only, but would this perhaps be a better alternative to taking a full week off for recovery?

Thanks for the help!