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Thread: Improved Calves - routine or genetics?

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    Improved Calves - routine or genetics?

    Hey group this may or may not have been addressed before, but why are calves so slow to respond to excersice. I have noticed decent gains with all other muscle groups but calves. I currently work them twice a week but have seen very little gain in size. I have heard in the past that calves could be an issue of genetics and not related to my work out routine, can anyone elaborate on this?


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    I wonder this too. Is it because their frequent use keeps them small (and more efficient that way?)

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    Calves are mostly genetic. However, you can still add a very noticable amount of mass to them naturally.

    The best way, in my opinion, to make them grow, would be running, biking, or hiking with a heavy backpack. If you notice, anyone who accels in those sports has HUGE calves. However, those aren't available to everyone due to time constraints or simply not wanting to do it. Plus those have a catabolic effect on other muscle groups if done excessively.

    One effective way to stimulate growth in a similar fashion would be to spend an hour in the gym doing calf raises. That also isn't possible for most people.

    So try doing weighted calf raises, 3-5 seconds on the positive part of the movement, 2 seconds squeezed at the top, and 3-5 seconds negative. Do about 15 reps, wait 30 seconds, and repeat. Try 2-4 'sets' like this none of which should be done to failure.

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    Originally posted by Scott S
    I wonder this too. Is it because their frequent use keeps them small (and more efficient that way?)

    i think calfs should be trained with highreps and more often. becouse there are used with every step you take.

    i train calf every night i do calf raises on a bord before bedtime, i only do like 3 sets with bodyweight. then i train them once a week on leg day with weights. i dont have anything to back up my clams except for results on my part.
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    When do you normally do calves?
    What is elite?
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