hi guy i have never been to one of this shows before and then i found out that there is going to be a major one (oh so i think and correct me if im wrong) in london where i live so i said "hey, why not" and so i will be going this november, just woundering if there is any one else in here that is gonna go. later.

Body Building Champions

Wembley will play host to the world’s best professional bodybuilders from all over the world who will fly in to compete in the biggest and best bodybuilding show in the world, outside of the USA.
Last year’s show hosted by CNP incorporated 22 professionals from across the world, including contestants from the USA, Thailand, France, Spain, Greece, Norway, Italy, Germany, Holland, Canada, Yugoslavia as well as UK. Once again competitors from around the world are signed up for the 2003 event and this year also sees the appearance of big name stars including: RONNIE COLEMAN, JAY CUTLER, GUNTER SHLEIKAMP AND MARKUS RHUEL.