This turd at Bally was picking on my gym for not having Hammer Strength equipment, then the guy has the nerve to tell me that after a year at my gym, I haven't seen goals yet.

He even bet me and said that we can go down there and find out, well I worked out today and I found out that we have the "Hammer Strenght" equipment at the gym.

What makes this Hammer Strenght thing so special by the way, he said that Football Player (Pro) use them.

Off Topic:

By the way I went with my little bro to Bally's becuase he said that he got a free pass to work out. Bally's is a nice gym but to much crap that I don't need, running track upstairs, racketball, pool, steamroom, seperate cardio room and more. It's nice but it was way to much money- (56) a month with $125 down.
So the lady does her presentation speech and calls the manager to get us to join, a young black guy with cornrows/tatoos and gold teeth comes in - he's the manager.

Now, I'm in a mostly minority place (East Ft. Lauderdale) and I never really seen a mostly minority staff at any gym that I attend but everyone is Bally is a minority, I guess they did that to attract more customers since the area is mostly minority.

Keep in mind that I am black as well.

So my cousin is like, well the offer sounds good but that's alot of money, the manager is saying that you get a free 6 pack of shakes, this, that and more.

Then the guy asks my bro to put $5 down and bring $100 on Friday, bro says no, guy starts questioning how bad do we want real results.

Manager insults me, my gym and insults my bro for being 27 and not having a credit card, nor a line of credit.

Manager starts going on about "What if you meet a nice lady, what are you gonna do, don't you want your own place away from momma"?

The sales lady was laughing at my cousin but I wasn't since this has nothing to do with signing up.

I told guy to shove it and told him that he is very unprofessional at that, told him good luck on trying to attract customers with a IQ of over 100 with all that jive turkey, speech and more.

Had to get it off my chest,, sorry for the rant.