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Thread: Drinking tonight...

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    Drinking tonight...

    One of my buddies b-day party is tonight, where I'm sure one drink will lead to another, to another five.....

    I've been working out and on my bulking diet for five weeks now, and dont want to screw up my gains (which are coming along rather nicely), but I'm gonna give in tonight. I haven't drank anything since I started my bulk, and have followed my diet very well.

    Should I bother eating anything tonight, and continue my meals? Or is that a bad idea when mixed with alcohol? I'm assuming it is a bad idea, and I should just drink a lot of water tomorrow?

    Any comments?


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    Unless you are a hardcore competitor, it won't hurt you that much. Try to stick to you diet but if not, don't worry about it. Drink lots of water tonight and tomorrow.
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    cut out other calories, especially carbs.

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    Drink tons of water tonight during and after drinking. Also take some vitamin C pills if you have them. Then drink water and eat 2morrow. If you stay totally hydrated while drinking you probably won't have a bad hangover. I've been really drunk and still drinking water and avoiding having a bad hangover.

    It shouldn't mess up your diet man... I've been drinking a lot lately(cuz I just turned 21) and I haven't seen any really negative effects other than me feeling guilty as hell.

    Have fun and be careful.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I lost track of many drinks I went through last night, but I did think about drinking water at one point; just should have acted on that thought!!

    After waking up this aft., I apparentely lost about 2lbs. of water; and man did I ever feel dehydrated!!

    Drink lots of water, eat, and rest; that's my plan for today!

    Thanks again!

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    One night of drinking and bad food won't kill you. Its when you do it every night. To many people on here over scrutinize things.


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