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Thread: New diet.. crituqe please

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    New diet.. crituqe please

    Hey guys.. i was wondering if anyone could comment on my cutting diet. I am currently 5'10 180 ~16 bf.

    meal 1: egg whites + oatmeal
    meal 2: 4 thin slices of whole grain bread + tuna
    meal 3: 1 chicken breast + cauliflower
    meal 4 (post workout): protein shake + apple
    meal 5:1 chicken breast + califlower

    throw in 2 table spoons of flax somewhere between the meals.

    totals come out to
    1840 caloires
    228 protein
    136 carbs
    38 fat

    54 percent protein
    25 percent carbs
    20 percent fat

    How does it look? Any help would be appreciated.

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    i would increase the good fats a little bit and probably your calories in general (just slightly)

    i might also choose another carb source for post-wo besides (or along with) fruit as the fructose preferentially refills liver glycogen instead of muscles
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    add olive oil to the tuna, it is good and is a source of good fat!


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