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Thread: bigger legs, please help!

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    bigger legs, please help!

    . Here is the deal. I want to put mass on my legs. I'm female, 5'6 1/2, 120lbs. I need bigger legs! I have always had smaller legs and have been trying forever to bulk them up.

    I work out legs twice a week with weights--- I currently do no cardio but running on occasion. I want to start running 4 times a week.

    Will running counter act my work in the weight room?

    Like-- will running keep my legs smaller? Will they grow? please help!


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    What is your usual leg workout?
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    Good question, I myself used to have a problem with putting on size. One thing to remember is that maximizing gains is a combination of diet, work ethic, and rest. From what you've written it doesn't look like you're allowing enough time for rest. Also remember that as general rule heavier weights and less reps is better at adding size. My advice is to cut down on the running to maybe 2 times a week and you should start to see some gains in size. Best of luck!

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    I would not run if you want bigger legs. Also I would work legs only once a week very intensely. Don't forget squats and dead lifts, the base builders for the legs. Good luck

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    squats, i dont think females should avoid them either, just do more reps, but still get a good work from them
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    Why more reps?
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Here are my leg workouts, what I've been doing for awhile.

    leg day 1

    squats--i go heavy, but still do 15 reps... should i do less reps and add weight? i know the general rule for size is more weight less reps, but various people said thats with upper body


    hack squat, or leg press-- leg press i switch up my feet positioning, and do like 8 reps of toes pointed in, 8 of toes pointed out, 8 of regular---3 times each

    leg extension
    leg curl

    leg day 2

    reverse lunges
    butt blaster
    plie squats

    now, what suggestions??


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