Hey all, new here and I wanted to ask a few questions, since I am really starting to get serious with getting fit.

For the past year or so, I have been on/off with the Atkins diet...I have lost about 20 pounds with it (was 205, now 185...5'9ft). I want to get down to about 170-175.

(Bare with me, I don't know the names of the machines, lol)
right now I run 15 minutes a day, curls, calf exercises, 2 machines that work the upperbody, and 2 that work the upper back/shoulders.

My repetitions are 3/10, and I up the weight by 10 pounds every time I do a set.

What would be the best routine to not necessarily drop the weight, but gain the muscle? I really want to focus on the upper body, but it seems the routine I am doing, is not enough...I dont do free weights...maybe I should? More reps? Thanks for the help guys!