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Thread: Deadlifts and Belts

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    Deadlifts and Belts

    Before someone goes and tells me to use the Search button, I did and found no clear answer to the question I have. I read some of the thread on belts, but found that most of the debate there was on the safety issue that belts may or not provide.

    My question is, whether I should use belts while training or not. Lets say I usually deadlift 335 for reps without a belt. With a belt, which I found helps me quite a bit, I might be able to do reps with 380.

    Should I use the belt and lift the heavier weight, or should I just go without the belt and lift the lower weight. Which one would be more beneficial for me whlie training. I don't care about numbers, I just wanna get stronger. Which would tax the muscles more, help me grow, and get stronger better?
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    I've tried them both ways and I do them beltless. The belt seems to just get in my way. I'm thinking it may have to do with my core strength being considerably stronger than the rest of my body.

    I'd say to do whatever feels the best.
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    Most of the guys I've spoken with don't get much benefit from the belt on deads. It seems to be more of a factor on squats than anything else. Having said that, if you feel like you will compete in powerlifting and the belt helps then I'd say train with the belt on any heavy attempts.

    I find it somewhat hard to believe that you can get that much more poundage out of your deadlift by using a belt though, but whatever you feel most comfortable with is what you should probably use.
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    I get a good amount out of my belt on both squats and deads. If you want to lift the most weight use it. If you want to work your "core" more, leave it off. I use it on squatting and deadlift movements, but leave it off for goodmornings.
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