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    Favorite Sports Movies

    What are the best and worst sports movies of all time (in your opinion)?

    What are your votes? The criteria are that the movie has to center around
    sports and not just have sports in the backdrop. That rules out movies like Jerry
    McGwire. Documentaries also do not count (so that rules out Pumping Iron).

    Here's my input. 3 - 6 vary on what I can remember at the time and what I've watched recently. American Flyers and Vision Quest always stay in the list.

    1) Vision Quest (favorite sports movie)
    2) American Flyers
    (3-6, in no particular order)
    Without Limits (Prefontaine Story)
    The Natural
    Rocky III (cheesy but Drago was cool, lol)

    Alternates: Any Given Sunday (stylistically it is one of my favorite
    movies), BASEketball , Caddy Shack

    Teen Wolf
    Johnny Be Good
    The Replacements
    Major League 3 (back to the minors)
    The Air Up There
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