The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Senior Member c_8nOM's Avatar
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    about the WBB competition

    If we could get enough people to get involved, we might be able to have a big competition based on weight and/or height..
    Of course our moderators gotta organise it but first we need people's support..

    If you would like to enter, bump this post!
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    Soon to be lean... Joe Black's Avatar
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    Its a good idea and would need a lot of support from members and mods yeah..

    I think a transformation contest would be better..

    I.e 20 week contest..

    People could then do what they want..

    I.e cut, bulk, etc...

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    decease, RIP
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    Jul 2001
    Oslo, Norway.
    haha that would be great lol. Im 6.1" 160lbs and im gonna cut for a month or two (why does that sound so bad). Then im gonna bulk like there's no tomorrow.

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    Senior Member Savannah's Avatar
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    I'm in for a transformation contest!

    Ronan can back me up when I say I've got some gggrrreeeeeaaattt before pics

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    "If yo' girly is a mutt, hit it in da butt."

    Sorry I couldn't resist.

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    Senior Member c_8nOM's Avatar
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    yeah transform contest would be great too..
    Anyone else??

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    purty cool
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