Just decided to start bulking a few weeks ago, and damn it feels good. I seem to be getting leaner on my arms, chest, legs, back.... everywhere except my gut. Ah well, i can live with it. I cut 50 pounds before, cutting a few more in the future wont be too hard... anyways.... ive made nice gains in the ~15 days ive been bulking, so i was wondering you guys think its feasible, beneficial, etc to bulk and cut something like 2 weeks bulk, 2 weeks cut? This would prevent my from blowing up and having to buy new clothes, but would it hinder my overall gains when compared to.... 2 months bulking, 2 months cutting.

The obvious other benefit is psychologicaly. A two week cut is nothing. I was thinking of running it like this...

Day 1-13: 3600 calories
Day 14: (rest day) 3000 calories
Day 15: 2900
Day 16: 2800
Day 17: 2700
Day 18-27: 2600
Day 28: (refeed) 3000 calories

Of course the calories are going to fluctuate over the weeks (im guessing).
BTW, i still have a good deal of fat to lose, im ~14-16% its been about a month since my last caliper reading, so just guessing based on mirror compared to last month. My goal would be to gain 10-15 lbs LBM and lose 10-15 lbs FAT.