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Thread: Dunno whether to laugh or cry.

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    Dunno whether to laugh or cry.

    More job troubles.

    Our mail server died, as some of you know... and the boss's son wants a "full scale decryption effort" (Insert witty M:I-2 music here). He says to me today, since Microsoft will not do it he is trusting me with this most precious information, and hopes I will be able to decrypt and recover the e-mail in which he has accumulated over the past 5 years! In a way I'm flattered he thinks I can pull this off - In the other hand I think he's an utter moron for even wasting time on this when none of it affects his work - LOL.

    Let's not forget to mention, this is all spread out over about 150 different files, ranging from 100kb to 1gb.

    So should I make a run for it yet? I already know it's physically impossible for me to do. I don't know enough about the structure of MS Exchange's storage. So I'll wait about three weeks, and sadly report to the Cap, "There's no way to save it, 'Keptin. S'gone. I did all I could."
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