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Thread: need guidance for a 3 day split

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    need guidance for a 3 day split

    i'm gonna be starting on a 3 day split nextweek but i cant decide on which split to do. so i've come up w/ the following which would work for me, taking into account schedule & so forth. but i'd like to know the pros & cons so i can weigh it all out and choose the one which will give optimum results.

    Split X
    tue: chest/shoulders/traps
    fri: legs/back
    sun: bis/tris
    (what i like about this one is that i dont have to go to the gym on Sunday; i can do that at home w/ DBs, meaning more time for other stuff. Q: if i dont give shoulders their own day will that shortchange their progress?)

    Split Y
    tue: chest/tris
    fri: back/shoulders/traps
    sun: legs/bis
    (this is my original split; i came up w/ this by messing w/ other routines & finally found good intensity each training day splitting the bodyparts as such; bad thing is that it means 1 more day in the gym)

    WBB #1
    i've honestlfy never given this a go. i already got started before finding i'll probably give it a try w/ a few modifications, if ever.

    So in a nutshell, i favor split X because it's minus one trip to the gym. split Y is alright but i'd ditch it if split X is okay w/ u guys. WBB1, if u guys insist.

    well, any insights will be a beaut, thanx.
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