Ok, so I haven't posted in months. I'm just doing the WBB Routine 1. It seems to be working. I'm *slowly* getting bigger, so I'm happy there.

My big question is how should I be eating? I'm 6', 190lbs. I don't really seem to have any fat anywhere...except....a bit of a gut. My diet has basically been garbage. I eat whatever I feel like, whenever I'm hungry. Despite this, my metabolism must be high because I'm NOT FAT.

So...should I be bulking? or cutting? I'm trying to get larger. Not mucleman big, but a decent size. At the current rate, I'm going to keep gaining muscle, but also keep the gut...or it may get bigger.


Am I not lifting hard enough? Maybe I should really ramp up on carbs and protien, but push myself harder.?


Should I just cut my intake down, eat better, and just forget all this bulking crap.

I do know I should at the very least just eat healthy foods. But I guess I'm just confused on where my calorie intake should be and what I should be eathing (carbs? protien?)

Hope you can.

Mike S.