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Thread: Squats, Hack Squats questions

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    Squats, Hack Squats questions

    Hey guys,

    I'm still around and still on the diet... still working out.

    I have some questions about squats and hack squats.

    I tried doing 205 today on squats and almost owned myself (luckily I had a spotter nearby) - he yelled something at me and I wasn't expecting it and I gave out.

    My question: I think my main problem is my posture at the moment, but another thing is annoying me - my neck and shoulders hurt like hell when I'm supporting that kind of weight - I know that my legs can take it... lifting 205 felt pretty good (my legs felt very tight) but my neck and shoulders were hurting really badly.

    Any advice on what to do?

    Also, with hack squats - for someone who is 6'5 and has a big butt, these exercises seem akward. I finally have a support bar so I can lift from a higher point, making them much easier, but is it normal to have to move my butt out of the way when doing these?

    Age: 20 [21]
    Weight : 340 [225]
    Bodyfat: 42.3% [10.0%]
    Height: 6'5

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    Form is vital to squatting, and make sure you have your squat form in order before trying to increase weight. Start light (135) and have someone watch you to check if you're doing it right. Just because your legs are fatiguing doesn't mean you're doing a perfect squat, but you're probably close. Do a search since this has been talked about since the beginning of time.

    Bar comfort, that's something you're just going to have to get used to. I wear a hooded sweatshirt and that helps alot, just flatten out the hood and it provides good cushion. I wouldn't reccommend a pad, because it can increase the chance of losing control of the bar. Try a hooded sweatshirt, and you'll also have to find where the bar is most comfortable to you, try putting it a little lower on your shoulders to relieve stress on your neck, the bar shouldn't be on your neck.

    Hack squats are all-around difficult to me. I don't know how much hack squat machines vary, but I know the one at my gym forces your back to stay straight and going all the way down for a full ROM requires a spot when I go a little heavy. If you're absolutely not comfortable with the machine because of your size it probably isn't helping much, substitute in a good leg press instead, those and squats will have you on your way. Also, try doing leg press before squats, I find it helps my balance alot when I squat. Good luck bro.

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    Build up your traps, they'll act as a sort of cushion for the bar. Wrapping a towel around the bar may help in the meantime.
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    i had 350 on me yesterday with no problem. the only problem i had was when i dropped it

    it's a matter of lower back strength, ab strength, and trap development, and form. i've been working very hard on all 4, so i've definitely built up to it. work those areas hard and you should find it much easier.


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