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    Basic principles of training - READ THIS -

    Anyone who is interested in training and/or designing their own program should definitely read this article by Dr Squat

    There are several basic tenets of training, that from my own personal experience and education, I'm turning into a believer of.

    in short:

    1. The principle of individual differences
    2. The overcompensation principle
    3. The overload principle
    4. The SAID principle
    5. The use/disuse principle
    6. The specificity principle
    7. The GAS principle

    Of course, many experienced trainers know this already, but in lieu of the countless posts asking "what do you think of this system?" by those new to resistance training, I suggest you read up on this article and self-examine your own routine or that which you are thinking of embarking on first.

    The ISSA manual discusses various popular training system out there (e.g. HIT, POF, German Volume etc etc) and highlights how these systems live up to or fall short of these principles. No HST though, seeing how it's such a new thing, but in my own opinion, it follows these tenets more than any other that I've come across in terms of hypertrophy training.

    due to legal reasons, I cannot post up what the ISSA manual states, but anyone interested can PM me

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