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Thread: Wake up call on technique!

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    Wake up call on technique!

    Background info: I'm training to compete in powerlifting, I think (thought) I was strong, for 160ish pounds with a 285lbs bench, 400lbs deadlift, 345lbs squat.

    I had a big wake up call doing my PL training in the gym yesterday an Australian national hammer thrower who trains at my gym pointed out these big holes in my form:

    Bench: is all good.

    Deadlifts: I start the lift too much by raising my but up and hence placing too much strain on my lower back, even when doing light reps.

    Squat: Ive been using a back/shoulder pad which wraps around the bar apparantly for Powerlifting u gotta get used to squatting metal to back! He said its a "powersquat" thats how u do it.

    So i tried it his way and could only do about half of my normal amount of reps for squat and deads. This all occurs just as i was getting used to heavy deads and squats and starting to feel very confident in my ability to be a powerlifter.

    So now i feel as if im starting from scratch again.

    As for the pain during the squats thats something I will have to get used to however......

    1 question I pose is if i can Deadlift 400lbs@160lbs should i even bother changing my form??

    Guys let me know what u think from ur own experience with form and technique.

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    If your form is causing undue stress on your back then yes. Form with deads is kind of tricky just because all you're trying to do is get the weight off the ground and stand up. You might think form is just a relative term. But it's a huge safety issue, especially when it comes to your back. Which you only get 1, and if you hurt it badly then you're screwed. Do you bounce the weight off your chest doing bench, or rock like crazy during curls. Probably not, because you know it's not proper form. So it shouldn't be any different with deads. As far as squats, you'll get used to the pain. Of course if you never used pads, you'd be used to it already. Actually it probably wouldn't hurt. Just be sure to rest the weight on your traps and not on your neck.

    I'm guessing if you correct your form, it won't take long to get back to lifting what you've been. You're already used to that kind of weight. Just gradually tighten up your form.
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