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Thread: Tyson signs w/K1...

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    Originally posted by ElPietro
    Just like comparing boxers out of different weight classes, you can't really do it.
    ......but that's EXACTLY what you're doing!

    My whole point was that Lewis is soooo big, that he's in a class by himself.

    I never said taller people were automatically "better", or anything of the sort.

    We all know Chris Byrd, for example, isn't as good a "pure" boxer as, say, Roy Jones Jr., even though Byrd would crush him. We don't compare them, though, because their bodies aren't comparable. And at some point, you have to tip your hat to the bigger, stronger man. I understand that.

    Lewis should be a "Superweight", plain and simple. Problem is, there's no such thing.

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    I think Roy Jones could crush Chris Byrd.


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