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Thread: need help body building....

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    need help body building....

    hey, i was 245lbs and now i'm down to 153lbs, i want to start working out and wanna get as big as possible. what the best supplements to buy and protein shakes to buy and where could i buy them online?, also how many protein shakes and supplements should i take per day. i was wondering what would be the routine to get big.

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    That's a lot of questions for just starting out. If you lurk and search for a while, you will find a lot of answers. Try the "Diet and Nutrition" forum for protein and post workout nutrition suggestions.

    In the mean time, since you posted this in the Wannabebig routines forum I'd recommend starting out with wwb #1. It's a good routine to start out with and grow. Try it for 8 weeks and see how you like it.

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