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Thread: Is it meant to be..........

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    Is it meant to be..........

    a few of the WBB members might know that six months ago i broke my acromion process and damage my rotor cuff muscles,[left hand side] this lead to 6 months of heart ache and intensive pyhsio.
    any way this morning ,whilst out riding my bike, i came off at about 25mphs, resulting in breaking my scaphiod and lunate bones in my left wrist, im out for minium of 6 weeks, physio ontop of that will be another 6 weeks as well.
    they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, but i beg to differ.
    so all you guys out there, achieveing the body beautiful, be careful in your day to day activities, one day luck might not be on your side.
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    im really sorry, i know how you feel i had surgery on my right elbow and was out for 9 whole months!!! after that i have suffered sprained knees, sprained ankles, hurt rotator injuries, wrist injuries and a broken finger. Im sorry man it hurts but u got to get threw it. And yes i feel that something that doest kill you does make you a stronger person because now i feel like im not taking anything for grantit and im living everything to the fullest and not laying around doin nothing, b/c i know maybe one day i wont be able to do the things i wanna do if im not healthy. GOOD luck man you can get threw this.

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    I wrecked my rotator cuffs while swimming 15,000 yards a day (divided into 2 practices) in highschool.

    Our coach has us doing 8,000 yards a day while in school in Michigan, and then "brilliantly" took us to Florida during Winter Break and exposed us to 2-a-days in an Olympic sized pool. We'd do one hundred 100's (4 lengths in a regular pool, times 100), in the morning, and then sprint our b*lls off in the afternoon. And let's see.....does a 15 year old buy protein shakes while in Florida? No. I lived on Froot Loops and Coke Classic.

    It took me more than a year to feel comfortable swimming again, dribbling a basketball or throwing a frisbee.

    When I would drive my car, I literally could feel a dull pain in my shoulders just from gripping my steering wheel.

    In the long run, this shall pass. Do EXACTLY what your rehab. instructors tell you, and this shall pass. Sometimes it may seem that you're going backwards, but trust me.....this shall pass.

    Breaking bones is a much lesser deal than ruining connective tissue. Trust me. The bone WILL heal, and it will heal to be stronger.

    Connective tissue is different.

    You'll be ok, bro. In the meantime, continue to educate yourself on rehab., learn to walk before you can run (or toss before you can throw, whatever, etc.), and good luck.

    Know that you have friends at this forum who will listen and help.

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    Try a torn ACL in your knee. Course, I've been ignoring the fact that it's screwed for the last year, hell have gotten up a plate a side on squats.. then I went and screwed it up even worse. Now there's not more ignoring it, playing safe on leg days, waiting for surgery and then 6 months rehab till I'm really safe to be able to do anything.

    Or just not be able to play sports, or do anything fun. I'll take option A. And mine was from a skiing (don't kill the kid just sitting on the other side of this ramp.. No, just fall and hurt yourself instead). And while I hate the thought of not working out, I hate the thought of not living life so I'll continue to play no matter what.


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