APF/AAPF No Limits

Things were very shaky from the start and didn't go to well, but I did fight back and at least got a PR squat and total. This is how it went:

weight- 145.5

1st- 440xmiss(moved down about an inch, lost balance and stood back up, lift over)
2nd- 475xmiss(I think the low rack height messed me up and I went down a bit funny)
3rd- 475x 3 whites- EZ. Do or die. Went down strong and deep and shot out of the hole.

1st- 245x3 whites- EZ
2nd- 275xmiss (little more than half-way)
3rd- 275xmiss (about the same)

I was getting a great pop out of the bottom, but then just hit a wall. I'm really not liking this because all my board numbers are up and my bench is not.

Subtotal- 720

1st- 450x 3 whites- EZ
2nd- 500xmiss(knees)
3rd- 500xmiss(just under knees)

Man I wanted that 500 so bad, but I was sooo shot after the long day.

Total- 1170(way lower than expected). I also only hit 3/9 which is terrible, but at least better than a bomb.

What did make me feel better is that all of my lifters did great! I was soo proud of all of them for just giving it their best and making some good choices on attempts. They really seemed to listen to what I have been teaching them and all came home with trophies and PR's. My GF hit over 2xbw deadlift with a PR 250. My "little" cousin who is bigger than me, but just turned 16 hit a huge raw PR bench of 260 and dead of 440. Two of my other training partners hit PR's on the deadlift(one being his first meet, the other his first sanctioned). Another friend of mine brought his sister down and they both did great. He threw on my first Inzer Poly bench shirt and he weighs 50 lbs more than me. He hit a huge PR of 360@198 that he had to fight for what felt like 30 seconds, but never gave up. My first regular training partner when I started powerlifting had recently taken time off for a few months because his mind wasn't into it and his work hours are ridiculous. He comes back and smoked a 525 pull @180 and narrowly missed 545.

And last, but not least I want to thank all that made the meet happen. CT did a great job and with the help of all Team Taylor it was a very good meet. Can't wait to do some more of them. I also want to give my congrats to Vinnie, Cathy, Jay and Ed for some great lifting and thank Pete and Eric for helping me with my equipment and motivation. I'll be back bigger and stronger in december. Time to do the work now.