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Thread: Boxers or boxer briefs

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    Boxers or boxer briefs

    Which are healthier? Boxers or Boxer briefs i'm about to buy boxer briefs cus no matter what i do my boxers end up being uncomfortable. I just want to know if boxer briefs are more healthy first.

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    I hope you ignored your mom when she told you you would go sterile if you wore underwear that was too tight. (What was she doing thinking about your privates in the first place?) Neither one of them is a risk to the health of your nads, IMO. It all boils down to which you prefer- which usually means the opposite of what your dad wore when you were growing up. At least it's that way in my family.

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    *nods with Delphi*

    Another thing I'd mention is that I believe that you're at less risk for accidental damage if you keep them closer to your body.

    So I'd say the boxer briefs are the better choice.
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    i like boxer briefs because they show off my bulge.

    i like boxers though too because they come in neato characters and designs. i like my spongebob and incredible hulk boxers.
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    i like boxer briefs, but i have to wear briefs when ever i play basketball or anything, cuz i dont want to hurt my boys by the running
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    boxers provide the much need air for my children to breathe
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    Boxer briefs during the day, and UnderArmor compression shorts to keep the boys close during workouts. Works great for me.
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    "I hope you ignored your mom when she told you you would go sterile if you wore underwear that was too tight. (What was she doing thinking about your privates in the first place?) Neither one of them is a risk to the health of your nads, IMO"

    Sterile is not the issue. Excessive heat to the gonads will arrest the development of sperm and therefore lower sperm count.

    Only an issue for those sperm that were under development at the time as far as I know.
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    Many girls I've asked prefer boxer briefs to boxers, but only if you're lean. I assume lean to be no more than ~15% bf.

    As for killing sperm, I say go for it! Unless you're married and TRYING to have a kid. I'm sure not, so kill the little b@$tards

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    I can tell you from a girls point of view that boxer briefs are sexy!
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    I wear both. Usually boxer breifs more often. I get too sweaty when I wear boxers.

    Breifs are reccomended for anyone doing physical activitiy for protection.


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