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Thread: Bulking and cutting

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    Bulking and cutting

    i weigh 162 and im bulking right now what weight do u think i should shoot for until i cut... i dont have that much muscle so i know i gotta gain more weight.. but i dont wanna get fat... so do u think it would be alright if i gained 10 pounded then cut off 5 pounds then gain 10 pounds and cut off 5. I didnt know if i should gain a lot then cut a lot or do little cycles of cutting and bulking, can anyone1 help me out or tell me how to do this.

    Thanx guys

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    how tall are you?

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    Depending on how clean your bulk is, you could probably put on 10 pound without looking "fat". In fact, if you ain't got much fat on you right now, you could still look decent at 180. Then again, I'm a really slow bulker, so I put on a minimum amount of fat. Takes me a whole lot longer to put on muscle too, though.. but I'm willing to deal with that.

    Anyways, advice is this. Bulk till whatever weight your comfortable with. More muscle you get, better you'll look once you cut, but there's no point in going around hating the way you look for a large period of time. Once again, that's my opinion. Others may differ.


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