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Thread: Question on routine combination.

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    Question on routine combination.


    Firstly let me just say hello to all, as this is my first post on these forums.

    I have been pumping iron for about 2 years, and have gone from a SKINNY ass 58Kg, to a respectable 86Kg.

    I have used several workouts over this period, and have acchived some good results.

    Recently I decided to redo my tourine, and went searching on the web for some ideas, and that is how I came accross this site.

    As we all know, we have to shock our muscles into growth by constantly changing our workouts. This can be small to major changes.

    I had a look at all 3 the workouts presented by Wannabebig. They look quite good, so I used them all 3 as my new workout routine.

    I do as follows:

    Week 1 - Use Routine 1
    Week 2 - Use Routine 2
    Week 3 - Use Routine 3
    Week 4 - Use Routine 1

    What do you all think of that? My muscles are in a constant state of shock, which SHOULD enduce a fair amount of growth.

    I am really interested in all your views.



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    If it works for you you should do it. It'll probably give you nice gains in the short term. But ideally I think it's better to do each one individually because then you can compare different styles of workout, different rep. ranges and different exercises and look at which ones work the best. That way in the long term you'll know what your body best responds to. You should try workouts with lots of volume and workouts with less volume; workouts with more reps vs. less reps; and workouts with more sets vs. less sets. Also vary the exercises. Then you create a workout based on what your body best responds to. Good luck.

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    I'd stick with it longer then one week. Do two weeks per each routine maybe.. Just the fact it would be hard to judge progression and stuff like that when you aren't really doing the same routine as last week.

    But maybe it's just me. I like to look at a journal and say "need to do this many, with this much..". Something to shoot at, and some linear equation to determine if I did more or less.


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