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Thread: Don't Click Unless Your a Christian!

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    Don't Click Unless You're a Christian!

    Heh. I thought that would get some peoples attention. Anyways.

    I've noticed something and it bothers me. Society's demand for the pussafication of the human male. I was watching a program late one night this weekend about some study how video games make children aggressive. They showed kids outside kinda scuffling around (they were like 5 year boys). Why is it wrong to be aggressive? All these women and some males strung out on Oprah and Lifetime are trying to rid the world of testostrone. They treat it as if it were a horrible disease (think leapracy(sp?)). Picture a male dog (pre-neutered) king of his domain then one day the powers that be take him to the vet and get him neutered. Now the dog just lays around all day and becomes useless, a bitch to his owner.

    It seems every year there doing more and more to decrease the level of testosterone around the world. No longer making play guns, trying to ban violent video games, wal-mart pulling FHM and Maxium (but its ok for 11 and 12 year old girls how to give good BJ's in some of the other mags).

    Well I did some research and this guy does a MUCH better job than I can at describing how I feel. This is a MUST read!!
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