For years now all I have endulged in is Junk Food I occasinally will try and eat healthy but I always find a way to defeat myself. But at 23 I feel I am not where I need to be in the health department. I really want to change my eating habits! But, I find it very hard to figure out when to begin and how? I always hear "eat 6 meals a day" But what if you weight 330???

Now I work nights and when I cook my food the night before it is usually Chicken breast because I basically have to re heat my food in the micro wave and chkn breast is the only food that tastes halfway decent! Dont get me started on brocoli. I have tried salmon but it tastes like **** after it comes out the MV. And I feel that is what kills it after a month of Chkn Breast A cheeseburger doesnt sound to bad.

My question what would be the smartest way to begin and staying with healthy eating?