When I do dumbbell shoulder presses, I put the weight on each knee and kick my leg up to give some momentum to get the weight up to my shoulder and high enough that it is about eye level (the lowest point in my lift). Today I tried to go up to 75# dumbbells, because last shoulder workout I did 70# for 8 reps, which is my sign to up the weight (maxing out the rep range of 6-8). My left side got up just under eye level, while my right side was about 4-6 inches lower. I tried to push them up from this level, but no go.

Anybody have any ideas on how to get this weight to the starting position? I don't have a partner, and I'm guessing it would take two people to do it anyways... one to lift each dumbbell and give it to me in the proper position. I figure I will be having this same problem with incline dumbbell bench presses if I am able to add another 15-20# to my lift.