Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce At Large Nutrition is now open for business. You can now access it by going to www.atlargenutrition.com

Here you can find information about our products, as well as being able to easily and securely order them online.

This company has been in development for the past 18 months. A large part of our focus has been directed to providing the highest quality supplements at competitive prices. As you will see, both of these goals have been achieved.

For a bit more information about At Large Nutrition and our mission please see http://www.atlargenutrition.com/about.php

We are really excited about the launch of At Large Nutrition and what the future holds for Wannabebig.

Ok, thatís the launch out of the way, Iíll leave everyone to take a browse of the site!

However, now its time for me to throw in an emotional appeal for people to really consider At Large Nutrition as their number one choice for supplements. I would like everyone to take 5 minutes to read the below, as it is really important, without doubt the most important announcement I have ever made.

Wannabebig has had a great last few years and has really grown in size and quality. www.wannabebig.com now boasts 85 articles, some from some considerable names in the industry.

The forums now have over 6000 members and 600,000 posts and we are growing quickly each and every month.

We want this growth to continue.

We want to bring you more regular article updates for a start. Not only that but we want to attract some big names to write for us and really expand the features on www.wannabebig.com.

We want to allow the forums to grow at the fast rate they currently are indefinitely.

We also want to be able to work on new and exciting projects such as new websites that will concentrate on niche areas of training etc. (Power lifting, sport specific)

What it boils down to is this all costs money. We have been running on a dedicated server for quite a while now, which is a fairly hefty monthly fee in itself with the traffic we are currently bringing in. This is only set to increase as we grow.

We also have been paying for some bigger names to write for us. It takes a lot of time to write an article and for us to provide regular quality article updates we need to pay people to write for us. So far we have been really struggling to pay people to write for us as we simply have no funds to do so.

The only stream of revenue we have pulled in so far is through some advertising. This is very inconsistent and in general advertising on the net is in a slump. Itís definitely not to be relied on to fund this site, let alone to grow it to become one of the largest weightlifting/bodybuilding websites on the internet.

Over the last year the site has been mostly funded at a personal cost to me, apart from the odd bit of advertising revenue which has gone into some of the recent articles we have published. Maki has also worked extremely hard (for free) to bring in content, mostly with a very low budget. Obviously this cannot continue to be the case, especially as we grow.

Therefore we will promise you that by choosing to use At Large Nutrition as your number one choice for supplements you will not only be helping to keep Wannabebig up and running, but also helping us to improve the quality of the site.

We will also promise that we will NOT sell out as I have seen many other websites do.

We will not censor supplement discussion on the forums.
Obviously the self promotion rule will still be applicable (as it always has been from day one), but the discussion within all of the forums will remain as it is, and always will do. We encourage the discussion about all types and brands of supplements.

We will also not allow our articles to turn into adverts for our products. Browse through some of the bodybuilding magazines nowadays and most articles are just an advertisement for the latest supplement claiming to boost your lean muscle my 500% in 2 weeks. Our articles will remain as they ALWAYS have. Non biased and top quality.

I hope youíll take a look around the site and seriously consider At Large Nutrition for your supplement needs.

Ok, I have waffled on enough, but hey I am excited

If you have any questions in regards to this, please feel free to post something in the feedback forum.

Thanks for your time and I hope you like www.atlargenutrition.com