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Thread: ellectro stimulators = sad!

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    ellectro stimulators = sad!

    Where i come from, there are a bunch of commercials for these things. One which is highlt publicized is tesmed: (in italian). Basically the set of electrodes you stick all over your body stimulate your muscles. they say 10min of it corresponds to doing 800 abs. Personally i'm very against this. I cant beleive that hooking yourself to this thing can replace hours of sweating in the gym. I just want to ask if these things truly work, because i can't beleive someone would actually buy it...

    And another question. How do you train your abs? I have a bench for abs on which i do "high" and "low" abs as well as that other exercises where insted of pulling your upper body up, you pull your legs up. (am i making sense) However, although i do have good abs, i'm interested what exercises others do.
    Ooh and sorry for not knowing correct exercise names, but english is my 3rd lang. If you could point me to a good place where to learn all exercises names i would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    IMO, all those things will do is burn your skin for you.

    Go here:

    I do hanging leg raises and crunches on a balance ball for my abs.

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