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Thread: Questions from a high school discus thrower

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    Questions from a high school discus thrower

    Hey guys, i throw discus and shot put and im trying to prepare for the up and coming track season. I came up with a split routine and i was hoping i can get some feed back on it. I figured you guys might know more about this than the guys overa the body building forum.

    Monday: Chest, Triceps

    Wed: Biceps, Shoulders

    Friday: Legs, back

    and i'm planning on switching every week to power lifting. I try to switch off because i dont want to rely only on powerlifti

    Monday, Wed, Friday: Bench, Incline bench, Cleans, squats and dead lifts.

    for general lifts, I plan on doing three exercises for each group. The thing is, im not too sure how many reps i should do. Since i'm concentrating more on strength rather than endurance, i was thinking about doing 4 sets of 6-8 reps on the general lifting. For the power lifts, i was thinking of 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. Does this sound like too much, not enough? Any other advice? I try to switch off because i dont want to rely only on PL's and am alos trying to get in shape. Thanks in advance guys.

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    I don't know much about throwing, so I can't advise you on discus training much, but I'll give ya what I know on weightlifting...

    Don't train bodyparts at ALL. Splitting up your routine by muscle groups is mainly productive for bodybuilding.

    Train by exercises. I'm not saying have a squat day and right after it a deadlift day. You'll still have to take into account recovery and the muscles hit by each lift.

    Basically, you need to split up your training into 50-60% explosive olympic or speed lifting, and 50-40% strength training. The 50-60% speed lifting includes any form work you need to do. Try something like this:

    Monday - Post. chain(squats/olympic)

    Warm up, stretch and pick powercleans or full cleans, whichever you perfer.

    Work up to a max triple, then build up to a close to maximal single. Drop to 70-90% or your max. Perform 5 singles, focusing on form and explosiveness.

    Now do squats, warm up.
    Work up to a 5 rep max. Drop 5-10% of your max off the bar and do 5 more reps. Increase up to a submax single if you want, but you don't have to.

    Do 2 exercises for abs. Do each for at least 2 work sets. For a thrower I would recommend weighted decline full situps, not crunches, and machine abs(or roman chairs if you perfer).

    Tuesday -

    Warm up, stretch a bit.
    Do explosive pushups. First do regular flat pushups.
    2 sets of 5 reps, pausing when your chest touches the floor, then exploding up as fast as possible.
    2 sets of 10 performed the same way.
    Now do decline pushups.
    2 sets of 5-10 explosively. Touch your upper chest to the ground each time.
    Now, if you're strong enough do explosive hand stand pushups against a wall for balance. 2 sets of 5-10 explosively, touching your head to the ground each time.

    Now do pullups. First do wide grip palms away.
    2 sets of 3-5, 2 sets of 5-20. All reps full extension hanging and exploding all the way up.
    Now palms facing towards body shoulder width grip.
    2 sets of 5-10 reps, explosive.

    Remember these sets are for explosive training, not endurance.

    Wednesday - Rest

    Thursday -

    Warm up, stretch.
    Deadlifts from blocks, safety bars, or floor.

    Build up to a 3 rep max. Perform 2 sets, try to get 3 reps both times.

    Drop to a 5 rep max weight, but only do 4 reps for 2 set.
    Now do 4 sets of 2 reps with the same weight as explosively as possible. If it gets too heavy to do 2 reps drop to one or drop the weight. Treat these like you're doing powercleans, but don't, just deadlift.

    Hyperextensions or glute-ham raises
    Work up to a heavy set of 5-10 reps. Do 2 sets total.
    Then do one set of explosive bodyweight reps, as explosive as possible. Do 15-30 reps.

    Do more ab work, same exercises, sets, and reps as monday.

    Do a couple sets of sprints. Sprint 40-50 meters each time.
    Do a couple sets of jump squats, jump 10-20 times each set, full squat and full jump as powerfully as possible.

    Friday -

    Warmup and stretch
    Normal pushups - 2x5-15 reps explosive as possible, pausing when chest touches the floor
    Handstand pushups(if you're strong enough to do them) - Same as normal pushups
    Pullups - 1 set of as many wide grip palms away as you can do. 2 sets of 3-10 reps as explosively as possible. Then do 1 set of 3-10 explosively doing then close grip palms towards body.

    T-bar rows, row machine, or pullovers
    Work up to an explosive 5 rep max, then drop the weight for 1 sets of 6 reps.

    OH press
    Work up to a 5 rep max.
    Drop weight to about 80% of your max. Perform 2 rep sets explosively with 1-2 minutes rest between sets. Do 3-4 total sets.

    Bench press, close grip bench press, or floorpresses/lockouts-
    Work up to a 3 rep max.
    Drop weight, do 1 sets of 5-6 reps to failure.

    Saturday -

    Do 4-5 sets of sprints, 40-50 yards, or up a hill.

    Do 2 sets of jumps. Squat and jump as far forward for distance as you can. Repeat 10 times per set.

    That'll get you powerful, strong, and explosive throughout your whole body for your sport. Good luck!

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    Jesus christ... I didnt excpect something so thorough! I'm gonna start doing these as soon as i can. I hope i get good results. Thanks alot for your help!

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