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Thread: My road to getting massive (including pics, routines, lifts and everything!!!)

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    My road to getting massive (including pics, routines, lifts and everything!!!)

    This is going to be my online journal. Right now, my stats are

    15- 18%bf as estimated by the bros
    17yrs old

    My pics can be found at

    My goal is to put on an additional 10lbs for now. I want to top 185lbs or about there. Following that, I would drop 10lbs, and be lean at around 175lbs. Right now, I feel big , but want to be bigger. I walk down the streets, and people look at my pecs . Unfortunately, as you can see from my pics, I have some bf on me - and while Im not particularly happy about it, it does not really bother me too much. The gut is not protruding (sp) and you can tell I'm pretty hefty. For now, that suffices. But I want to be big. So here, in this online journal, you will see my progress and you will see how I will become impressive.

    I will start my routine this Monday (3rd of Sept, 2001).
    My routine will be

    Monday: Legs
    T: Rest
    W: Chest tris
    T: Shoulders and traps
    F: Back bis

    I chose this routine because I hate chest delts and tris on the same day, and because I want to deadlift as well - so I spaced back and legs far away so I do not overtrain muscle groups. I also like bis and back together as I feel I dont get a good workout from bis unless I have some back work as well.

    The problem with me is that I have never deadlifted. I plan to incorporate it with my back work on Friday.

    My lifts as of today:
    Bench = 165lbs for 6 reps. (27.5kg on each side, plus 20kg bar)
    Squat= 200lbs ATF x 6. (35kg on each side, plus 20kg bar).

    My measurements (all flexed):
    Arms= 14 inch
    Chest= 43.5 inch
    Quads= 25 inch
    Waist= 33 inch

    My strength goals are to be able to bench 200lbs for 6, and to squat around 230lbs.

    I included a bench workout yesterday(saturday) and my bench went up from 165lbs for 3 to 165lbs for 6.

    Tomorrow will be leg day, and I will be sure to post my feelings of the workout, and any progress.

    Throughout this journal I will also include my diet , my water intake, and my measurement changes.

    My guarantee: I will get big. No ifs or buts - I will get big by the end of this.

    Wish me luck.

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    Good Luck.'s more friendly for trainers to say, "yeah, we can help you tone up!" rather than saying, "yeah, we can help you get rid of that fat ass!"


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    Perhaps my split should be
    legs/chest n tris/rest/shouldersandtraps/back bis

    I will change it to that, however I did chest this sat so this week it will be like I posted previously.

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    Bros, today was leg day. My ATF squat is now 220, up from 200. x 6 reps. I did 4 sets of this, after warming up and stretch. It is a great feeling to add a new plate every day. I used 4 10kg plates on each side (22lbs plates) and it did look very hardcore...even though it was not much. But the bar was almost full....when I asked for the spot the guy's like "YOU SQUAT ALL THAT?!"
    So, overall I feel very good.

    I then proceeded to do leg exts. Did 3 sets, nothing special.

    I then did stiff legged deads, 3 sets, it didnt go up. 25kg on each side, for a total of 154lbs. My left hand fails all the time. I did manage to pull out a set of 4 and a half reps with 176lbs, but my left hand gave up too soon. SO I lowered the weight.

    Diet has been good. As you know I aim for 4000cals a day. I ate a power breakfast, a normal lunch (2 tuna sands) , then post workout 40g carbs from maltodextrin and then some whey. 30 mins later I ate 2 very large portions of pasta, 3 very large portions of chicken (1 portion = 1/2 plate), and 2 portions of this japanese pasta (transparent rice pasta). Not bad with some jap sauce...

    So I am tired as hell right now from the grueling workout despite my stomach being full and happy. I hope to get lots of sleep tonight, but for that I will need to get my homework done quickly tonight (I want 10hrs tonight).

    So that's my update for today bros.
    Tomorrow is a rest day.

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    OK sleep was 10hrs both days (i missed an update for tuesday as it was a day off). Diet was fine (under cals though ).

    Today was bench day and this muscle head got pissed at me for benching my usual 154x6. For some reason my strength went down, and he had to help me quite a bit at the last one. He told me to lower the weight and try to go for 20kg on each side (12lbs less) and go for 9 reps. I did just that and got a real good pump IMO. I will see if this works for strength/mass (for me).

    I did 8 reps for incline dbs with 20kg dbs with dbs parallel to body at the bottom.

    I then followed with 2 sets of 6 for cable crossovers. These were real intense at the last two reps.

    I had a great workout. Let's see if I grow...


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