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Thread: excercies to better pushups besides pushups

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    excercies to better pushups besides pushups

    I have been practicing pushups for a while now. I leave for basic training in about 3 weeks and I was just wondering..does bench pressing help you be able to do pushups easier? Or any other excercise? I've been working out with weights in the gym and have gotten signifigantly stronger and larger muscles, even better than I had hoped for. Before I started working out, I could do about 40 to 45 pushups before getting tired out. Now I can do about 70 to 75. Do you think the work I've done in the gym, chest presses, bench pressing and things like that have helped at all? Or have I made all that progress in such a short time (1 month) just by practicing pushups once in a while? And also, does anyone have any recomendations on things to help get better at them? Thanks..

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    Doing pushups consistantly in combination with chest workouts have helped you a lot in developing your endurance (I'm guessing by the volume of pushups you do)...

    I mean, hell, 70-75 consecutive pushups is pretty damn respectable, IMO. I might be able to do 40-50..
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    Try varying your hand position, decline pushups, handstand pushups.

    Working your chest and arms regularly will certainly contribute to your strength and allow you to do more pushups.

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