Some of you may know what it is, others may not. Basically it is a program where you volunteer to spend a few hours of your time each week or weekend with a young boy from the ages of 8-16 that does not have a father or male role model in their house.

So basically I am 25 years old, no kids, no wife, no girlfriend, only 1 or 2 good friends. Only things that occupy my time are classes, work (only mon, wed, and fri) and the gym. I am giving this some thought as I have plenty of free time and only a few good friend I hang out with here. Why not spend my free time be-friending a young child, maybe influencing his life, and teaching that young man/boy things that only come from a father/son type relationship.

I have 1 older brother, 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. I guess what made me think of this is the fact that until recently my little brother and sister lived somewhat close to me. I would see them maybe once every 4 months or so and that didnt really bother me because I went for a good 3 years without seeing them while I was in the marine corps. But now my 2 younger brothers (who I get along with the best) and my little sister all live with my father up in washington state. With that being said, I didnt feel as if I got along well with any of my brothers while we were growing up and we didnt have that typical brother bond. I know how I felt about that while growing up, so imagine how these kids with no father or brothers feel.

So I figured why not give this program a try. I am sure I could help influence a young kids life and teach him a thing or two that he may not have had the opportunity to do if it wasnt for this program.

Have any of you ever participated in this program? As one of the big brothers/big sisters or maybe as a kid with no male or female role model in your house? What do you think of the program?