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Thread: I need more grip strength AND a new leg workout

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    I need more grip strength AND a new leg workout

    My gym blows, the leg press machine has too little weight. It has those pre set brick weigths that you inster pins, you dont just slide on a plate on the side. I am stronger than the 22 little bricks there, so here goes my current leg routine

    Warm up and stretch, follow with
    Squats atf x6
    leg pressx 6

    stiff leg deads x 6
    leg curls x 6

    I need a substitue for leg press. Perhaps lunges? I don't know how to do these and I get rather unbalanced. I cannot seem to find the exercise execution pages at
    Someone hook me up

    OK, now the stiff legged deads, I have a prob with em because my grip fails before all else. I do about 180lbs on stiiffs but I could do more if my grip were stronger, particularly left hand grip. Should I just keep doing this as my grip will get stronger by itself or should I slip in another exercise?

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    i would say if you're squatting right, you don't need the leg press at all. Those six sets of squats should pretty much fry your legs; there's no need to throw leg press in there as well.

    The SLDL's....of course your grip is failing; you're doing six sets. Try doing 2 sets at 180, then upping the weight (with proper form). If your grip is failing, try the over/under grip, or even the hook grip. (when you wrap your hand, put your thumb UNDER your fingers on the other side. it hurts a bit at first, but trust me, you'll be able to hold on)

    SLDL's and leg curls both work your hammies; no need to do both. If you don't know how to do front squats, I'd recommend this:

    Squats: 4 sets.
    SLDLs: 3 sets.
    Leg extensions: 3 sets.
    Calf raises: 2-3 heavy sets.

    The squats will blast everything, the SLDLs hit your lower back, glutes and hammies a bit more, and the leg extensions will finish off your quads. You can even drop the leg extensions and do very well, but.... Definitely include some calf work.
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    Whoa no ! I do 3 sets for everything for 6 reps i meant !
    Sorry about the confusion!!!!

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    Definately do calf work. Don't want to neglect your calves.

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    Yeah i mean to put em up there. but any answers to my questions? belial, bigman cack?

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    Are you using overhand grip or alternating grip? If you're still using overhand, try switching grips. That can add a few hundred pounds by itself. Another trick is to do your warm up sets with the regular overhand grip, then switch grips on the work sets. This is the method I'm using currently, although I can't go more than 250-260 lbs for maybe 5 reps before I have to switch.

    If you need to directly increase grip strength, start doing hand exercises-- things like static holds at first, and maybe a *good* grip trainer, something like the Captains of Crush from
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    What has improved my grip strength is on shoulder day I do 1 heavy set of BB Shrugs with straps, then a second set without the straps at a lower but still a heavy weight, where my grip will fail at about 5-8 reps. After that I do the same weight for a static hold and try to hold for as long as possible. I usually get between 20-25 seconds. Each week I add 5 lbs to the BB Shrug and Static hold. I then finish the workout with one set on the Grip machine my gym has. Progression is the key.
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    switch grip meaning one hand overhand one hand unerhand?

    thanks for the good tips. all will be taken into consideration.


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