Hey guys, I was reading about a strength routine where you do the 5*5 system that Reg Park used. This is where he picked a weight he could do for 7 reps or so and tried to do 5 sets of 5 reps with it. If he couldn't do it, he tried again the next week. And if he did, he would increase the weight by 5 pounds and start the cycle over again. I was thinking of doing this routine with it:
Deadlifts 5*5
Barbell Rows 5*5
Barbell Curls 5*5

Bench Press 5*5
Seated Military Press 5*5
Skull Crushers 5*5
Ab Crunches (weighted) 3*10-12

Squats 5*5
Leg Curls 3*8-10
Calf Raises 3*8-10

Now with this routine, I was thinking about adding 2-3 sets of assistance exercises for each body part. Now if this routine is good as it is, would those exercises cause me to overtrain? Thank you very much.